Is it healthy for dogs to consume chicken feet?

Aribaro Pet Company freeze-dried chicken feet are like puffed yet crunchy chicken feet, it helps to seal in the flavor and nutrients. Mainly composed of cartilage, skin, tendons and tiny bones, both forms of chicken feet are naturally safe for dogs because they are dried, meaning that the bones will crush and crumble, acting as fully digestible treats for your doggy best friend. What are the benefits of Chicken Feet aka Paws?

Not only are they safe for your dog to eat but our puffed and dehydrated chicken feet offer a range of beneficial factors and are nutritionally healthy for your pet pooch. Aribaro Pet Company freeze-dried chicken feet are benefits for the health of your furry pets and primarily served as treats, offering a range of important nutrients including healthy fats to help improve the skin and reduce shedding. They also contain high levels of protein which is vital for building strong muscles throughout your pet's entire body. 

Freeze-drying also ensures that all natural chicken feet are preserved, keeping all ingredients intact avoiding any unwanted additives or preservatives. Aribaro Pet Company Freeze-dried chicken paws are high in protein, helps maintain dental hygiene, improves joint health, fewer calories than processed meat, eco-friendly, full of vitamins and nutrients, and high glucosamine and chondroitin content. Freeze-dried chicken feet are essential for the health of your pet and can be added to a range of toys to provide a tasty reward. Give your dog a treat that’s packed with rich, wholesome ingredients. This delectable treat is filled with protein to help your pup build lean muscle mass and boost his energy levels.

Freeze-drying ensures all ingredients remain intact, so minimizing the need for additives or preservatives. One of the most effective ingredients around to protect your pet against the harmful effects of free radicals is made from chicken feet. Chicken feet are filled with an antioxidant known as selenium, which plays a vital role in fighting off free radicals. It also contains cytosine, which assists in boosting production of white and red blood cells. On top of that, chicken feet contain chondroitin sulfate, which offer joint support and help to keep mobile joints and bones healthy all year round.

To make your pet’s experience more worthwhile, Aribaro Pet Company's freeze-dried chicken feet are just the thing for your furry. From the crunchy texture to the rich chicken flavor and nutrients, these puffed, crunchy and freeze-dried chicken feet can be given on their own or mixed with other treats. 

Dog owners who want to give their pets a treat from nature’s top shelf will love Aribaro Pet Company’s freeze dried chicken feet. These treats are made from only natural ingredients and contain no chemicals, preservatives, or additives of any kind. They’re perfect for any dog - from big Labs to little Yorkies - and easy preparation doesn’t take much time or effort, making them just what busy pet parents need.Don’t settle for boring dog treats. Give your pup a rich chicken-flavored snack that’s filled with essential nutrients like protein, fat, and zinc.

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