The Untold Secret Recipe To Beef Jerky

Healthy Home Jerky Recipe

Making beef jerky is easy and surprisingly affordable. See how you can start making your own jerky in the comfort of your own home. Minkyung is a jerky expert. She has been making delicious jerkies for years especially for her pups. Minkyung wants to share her knowledge on how to make your own tasty, healthy version of this snack that has become so popular in some parts of the world. Minkyung started off making jerky from scratch for her pups and inspired her to use her knowledge to cultivate dehydrated treats for Aribaro Pet Company.

Mix up a pack of store bought ground beef or any other protein and one third of grinded Aribaro Pet Company Veggie Mix.

If you do not have a grinder, use a knife and chopping board or handheld mixer.

Add a drop of water for easier consistency and lay it out on parchment paper evenly.

Use a dehydrator (150F) and let it dry for 12 hours or more, not to exceed 20 hours.


Cool down the jerky and cut evenly.

And serve.

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