What is the meaning of Freeze-Dried Pet Treats?

Aribaro Pet Company is proud to present you Freeze-Dried pet treats. They are tasty, nutritious and convenient. Instead of providing your furry with a sticky treat or something filled with artificial ingredients like many other brands, we make sure all organic, simple ingredients are used to prepare our freeze dried treats. Most importantly, Aribaro Pet Company has created a Freeze-dried specialized collection that your furry can enjoy every day without worrying about getting sick from salmonella and listeria.

Freeze dried treats are a terrific reward for good behavior, they are portable treats, which means that you can take them with you everywhere. Freeze dried treats are healthy for your pets as they contain no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Pets deserve the best possible treats, but they often come with unwanted fillers and chemicals. Freeze-dried Chicken Paws, Rabbit Meat Patty, Rabbit Meat Pie, and Veggie Mix are some delicious treats are full of flavor and healthy nutrients. The Freeze-Dried Treats will keep your pet healthy and happy!

What makes Freeze Dried Meat safe for Consumption? The answer is Simple: Freeze Dried. Freeze Dried ensures that your pet will enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh meat but also ingest vitamins, minerals, and fats in safe levels! For example, you can enjoy the crunchy or creamy taste of a Rabbit Meat Pie that contains all natural ingredients with less than four ingredients mixed with freeze dried meats and vegetables. From having the longevity of not being affected by time or temperature to have the nutrition of an all-natural treats.

Did you know? Freeze dried meats are nutritionally equivalent to fresh meat. The process of freeze drying our delicacies allows us to extract the natural nutrients from foods and preserves organoleptic properties of the product. You can enjoy the crunchy taste of a freeze dried treat especially our Rabbit Meat Pie that contains less than five ingredients mixed with high quality rabbit muscle proteins, leading to a delightfully sweet and nutritional treat for your pet.

Encouraging your pet to be healthy is a great place to start. That’s where our treats come in. Just like people, furry pets need the proper nutrients to be active and happy. Aribaro Pet Company promises that we take care These treats provide what your pet needs without any of the junk. They’re flavorful with real meat, plus they’re freeze-dried so they’re made fresh in the USA, then vacuum sealed for your convenience.

Did you know? A rich and nutritionally balanced meal is exactly what truly inspired our freeze dried collection treat delicacies. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to realize that fresh produce, even those expensive organically grown varieties, simply cannot compete with freeze dried foods. At Aribaro Pet Company, we make sure that we source the perfect ingredients and nutrients that we be suitable for your furry to consume. At Aribaro Pet Company, we offer a variety of Freeze Dried Pet treat options that are made with top quality animal muscle proteins, USA-sourced vegetables, and non-gmo natural ingredients that lead to a delightfully healthy, enjoyable and nutrient-dense treat for your pet!

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