Future of Human Grade Pet Treats

Our treats are formulated with integrity, perfection, and vitality for pets. Using high quality ingredients, dehydrated, and freeze-dried to perfection.

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  • Belle

    My pup, Belle loves Chicken Gizzard Pumpkin Sticks. Great packaging and got more than I expected.

    James Y (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Ellie and Oliver

    Ellie and Oliver both love Chickpea Sweet Potato Nuggets! They go crazy over them!

    Joy P (Seattle, WA)

  • Berry

    Berry loved her Rabbit Meat Pie (Aribaro's Holiday Collection) for her birthday. I loved the cute decoration and amazed how there were no preservatives!

    Berry's Mom (Teaneck, NJ)

  • Rocco

    My golden doodle, Rocco loves Chicken Gizzard Pumpkin Sticks! Love how there are no preservatives and made with solely chicken gizzards and pumpkin. Highly recommend!

    Rocco's Mom (Fort Lee, NJ)

  • Somi

    Love how crumbly it is and does not create a huge mess in the kitchen! Perfect as a topper for my pup's food.

    Caroline P (Fort Lee, NJ)

  • Luna

    Obsessed with Freeze-Dried Veggie Mix! I love how colorful yet healthy they are! We use it as a nutritional topper for her meals!

    Luna's Mom (Tenafly, NJ)

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