Welcome to Aribaro Company

 Hey Paw-Friends!

We hope you like Aribaro Company treats just as much as we do! 

ari baro picture boston terriers
Ari and Baro
Chief Barking Officers

minkyung kim ceo co-founder with ari and baro picture

Minkyung Kim
Co-Founder & CEO

Hello friends! I'm Minkyung, Ari and Baro's mom, health junkie, and yogi. After years of trial and error in purchasing healthy pet treats, I literally gave up finding the most natural and healthy products for my pups. Spending time with other pet owners made me realize that there was a need for a change in how we feed our pets and providing high-quality treats that are ethically sourced. I knew that I was determined for change. For the past two years, I spent time sourcing ingredients, collaborating with nutritionists, researching, and developing natural, healthy and non-gmo pet treats using the best technology.  

joelle choe co-founder with ari and baro picture
Joelle Choe
Co-Founder & COO
Hey friends! I'm Joelle, USAF Veteran ready to disrupt the pet industry. When I heard this idea from my sister-in-business partner, Min, I was on board to make a positive difference in the pet industry. We built Aribaro Company to provide high-quality essentials for your pet with the relatable experience you'll understand (and fall in love with) like no other. Our curated treats are inspired by Ari and Baro.
We want to make your pet happy and healthy by making your shopping experience memorable and meaningful.