What are dehydrated pet treats?

When you hear the words dehydrated dog treats, you might think it's just eating plain old boring jerky. But after viewing our selection you will see that this is not true. They are made with human-grade ingredients, which means your furry can enjoy the benefits of eating these tasty treats safely. With these dehydrated treats, getting invited over to play at the neighbor makes them happier because they know they're going to get a delicious treat when they come over. After seeing how amazing and healthy this treat option is for your furry we know you're going to see why other customers keep coming back for more!

Treat your dog to the wholesome taste of dehydrated pet treats. Dogs love the tasty flavor and you know they are getting all the benefits of raw meat while avoiding any dangerous pathogens that can be found in raw meat. Dehydrated treats are also easy to store and last a lot longer than raw treats. Dehydrated pet treats are a great choice for the health-conscious pet parent. Unlike treats made from raw meat, dehydrated treats avoid dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella and Ecoli. 

Dehydrated pet treats offer a range of advantages over other forms of pet food, such as raw and canned that we see in many marketplaces. They are convenient to store and do not require refrigeration. At Aribaro Pet Company, we make sure that we dehydrate our treats properly for more than 24 hours to ensure best tasting and high-quality pet treats.

 Dehydrated pet food is made by drying raw meat in a very high temperature and vacuum environment. This process removes the moisture content from the meat while keeping the raw meat's nutritional value. Plus, a dehydration process ensures that all the beneficial nutrients in the meat are preserved rather than cooked out. 

The dehydration process is simple however tedious and time-inducing to make sure it is dehydrated properly. At Aribaro Pet Company, we recommend your furry to consume the treats within a year of purchase (unopened) and three months after opening your vacuum-sealed bag. We want to ensure the highest-quality and best tasting period for your pets to enjoy. 

Dehydrated pet foods offer an alternative to raw that many dog lovers find appealing. While dehydrated dog food is similar or lower in price to some of the more expensive canned products out there, what you are paying for is high quality and no preservatives. At Aribaro Company, dehydrated pet treats don't require refrigeration like regular food, so the expense of having a large freezer or fridge can be eliminated. We solely recommend putting our small treat bag in the refrigerator after opening or away from direct sunlight.

At Aribaro Pet Company, we ensure to have top quality ingredients and use no preservatives, additives, flavors, and colors in any of our treats. Dehydration is a minimally processed food, meaning that it is raw and unprocessed. In the same way that cooking makes raw meat suitable for human consumption, dehydration and heat processing eliminates any dangerous pathogens in your pet's meals, but still leaves the nutritional benefits of the raw meat.This means that dehydrated pet food is generally easier to digest than cooked pet foods. 

Why do you ask? Pets like dogs have a short digestive tract which makes it very unhealthy for them to consume. Unlike humans, dogs do not have much of an ability to produce enzymes to digest their food. This is why dogs must eat quickly and eat small meals in order to get proper nutrition. 

In general, the crunchier the treat, the healthier it is for your pet because the crunch is a sign that there are more nutrients and vitamins in that specific treat. Hence, Aribaro Pet Company treats are super crunchy, nutritious, and healthy that make it safe to eat for your pets. They will love the taste because they are not cooked but only dried, and therefore retain all of their natural nutrients. 

Treats are an important part of any pet's diet, providing needed variety and moderation. Some pets need only the occasional treat to express his or her delight. Other pets are "treat-driven" and can be trained to perform specific behaviors in exchange for a tasty reward.

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